Do Honey Bunnies Have to Wear Fuzzy Tails to Be Sexy?

Is this video about me or about you? Through my own shame and fear of being outwardly sexy with my body and music, I begin to understand that the behavioral limits we place on one another—as cultural psyches dotted across the planet—determine our relationships with sex. Years before I made this video I wrote the…

Latest Album

Lyrics by Mackenzie Gainey; instrumentals by Dallas Gainey and Mackenzie Gainey; produced by Alek Roslik; album art designed by Kristin Wincek Download the EP on bandcamp

Saturday morning: KFAI Radio w/o Boundaries

I’m excited to participate in my second interview this year with host Dee Henry Williams on KFAI, Radio without Boundaries! I’m a lot nervous. Dee’s show is called A Great Blend of Watercolors and focuses on Jazz, Blues and a bit of old school. We will discuss my first EP release, future projects, and I…

How to Soundproof a Room—sort of

It’s time to wrap up my first album! A crucial step towards completion was to finish soundproofing a small closet which I was finally able to accomplish two days ago -Pink foam everywhere! Check out the video to get a glimpse of what some of the process was like. I’m super-anxious to get in there…

Recent Interview – Ashbeezy Breezy

Check out the Live with Ashbeezy Breezy show and listen to an interview with Mackenzie from Wednesday June 20, 2012. Hear discussion and songs from Mackenzie’s first EP, Mundified, and listen to co-projects she has planned for the near future.