Best Electric Cello Review to Read BEFORE Purchasing One

If you have product options, mull over the considerations so you make the best purchase

Speaking from experience, I failed to research and take certain considerations into account when purchasing my first electric cello. A moderately-priced instrument within my budget was the top priority. But even if frugality is at the top of your preference list, product research shouldn’t be spared.

After purchasing my Cecilio electric cello, the best online review I found—after the fact—was The Electric Cello Buying Guide: 7 Key Shopping Considerations. Retrospectively, it would have helped guide my purchase.

My main blunder was disregarding an important shopping consideration: whether the electric cello’s reference points resemble the reference points of an acoustic cello (points of reference meaning the points on the cello that physically rest on your body while you play).

If you have been playing an acoustic cello for some time and are making the switch to an electric cello, how the electric cello rests on your body may affect how comfortably you play. Does the electric cello you’re considering touch each point of physical contact on your body as an acoustic cello does? If not, you may want to physically test a potential instrument by visiting a music store or asking a fellow musician.

In purchasing my electric cello, I didn’t consider just how bonded my body becomes to an acoustic cello while I’m playing. As a result, how I hold the cello completely affects my ability to play and I’m not able to play the Cecilio electric cello I purchased at peak performance. The model is shaped like the letter ‘S’ and therefore doesn’t have the traditional shape and reference points of an acoustic cello.

The image below shows a Cecilio electric cello that possesses some of the reference points to that of an acoustic cello. In hindsight, I would have purchased this style in place of the ‘S’ model shape.

Cecilio Electric Cello with Ebony Fittings

The need to have an electric cello with reference points matching that of an acoustic cello doesn’t occur for all players. With a little practice or innate awesomeness, you can get it right.

As far as other shopping considerations may go, read as many reviews as possible and consider your personal preferences before purchasing any musical instrument.

How much money does an electric or acoustic cello cost?

Difference between an electric and acoustic cello


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