Electric Cello–Amplified

The Cecilio Electric Cello has arrived.

It isn’t custom-made or a Yamaha, but it will undoubtedly do the job in the recording studio. I am satisfied with the purchase based on my budget. But I will say, if you have the financial means to invest in a quality instrument, do invest.

My first attempt to record instrumentals (on a tight deadline) resulted in a broken D-string, mid-session. Major crisis at 11:59 PM when you need the recording finished in 15 hours. I could attribute the break to the initial tuning and tightening that was necessary for an instrument shipped with the strings completely loosened, but an unused, broken D-string felt odd considering I hadn’t put any real strain on the strings. Luckily I had a spare D-string in my possession.

Replacing the string from the tailpiece of the Cecilio was a bit more tricky than a traditional cello (quite a bit more tricky—I nearly cried tears of frustration).

I managed to replace the string but was down a D-string I should not have needed to use (the price of instrument strings has risen since I was 9 years old; either that or I’m completely oblivious to the amount of money my parents invested in my musical career over the years).

Connecting the cello to the amplifier for the first time was surreal. A traditional acoustic instrument will reign uncontested, but to manipulate sound with an electric cello and feel the vibrations amplify through your fingertips is exhilarating.

This article was originally published in 2012. It has been updated with new information

Amazon.com Cecilio 4/4 Full Size Black Metallic Electric Cello with Ebony Fittings



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