Electric Cello Please-Heavy on the Amplification

The Cecilio Electric Cello arrived. It may not be custom made or a Yamaha Electric Cello, but it will undoubtedly do for many years. I am very satisfied with the purchase based on my family’s tight budget. But I will say, if you have the financial means to invest: invest.

Pearly White Toy

The first weekend I needed to record instrumentals for a song I was performing, the D-string broke mid-session. Major crisis at 11:59 PM when you need the recording finished in 15 hours. I could attribute this to initial tuning that comes with any unused, stringed instrument, but a barely-used, broken D-string felt odd. Luckily in my possession was a previously purchased D-string for my accoustic cello.

Replacing the string from the tailpiece of the Cecilio was a bit more tricky than my traditional cello (Quite a bit more tricky. I almost cried from frustration). I solved the problem but was down a D-string I should not have needed to use. The price of cello strings has risen since I was 9 years old. Either that or I have been completely oblivious to the amount of money my parents invested in my musical career. They are truly wonderful people.

It is so nice to connect a cello to an amplifier and manipulate the sound. An acoustic cello will reign queen forever, but to make a cello sound like an electric guitar? Awesome because I don’t know how to play the guitar very well!

For those interested in purchasing a Cecilio Electric Cello, I hope you check out the video above using an amplifier—Tons of funΒ (I apologize if the audio is poor)! Contact me here with any curiosity questions.

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